Free Safari Web Browser w some cool opts for Facebook

If you can't stand some of the new updates on facebook

check out the options in my screen shot from my facebook 
YOU CHOSE what posts you see 
& the tabs allow you to see ONLY your game posts 
you are playing all at one time!!

  Safari Web Browser imho ROCKZ!!!
There is a link @ the end if you wanna try Safari for yourself =0)
Offers some cool free addons or extensions:

Facebook Cleaner

Facebook Cleaner hides visual distractions — like sponsored ads, pokes, and the Get Connected section — from the Facebook website.

Better Facebook

Better Facebook improves your Facebook experience. Customize your news feed with advanced filters that can hide posts you’ve read, alert you to new comments, notify you when you’ve been “unfriended,” and more.

 If you have any questions or problems 
feel free to leave me a comment I am more than happy to help

                                  Free Download Safari Web Browser