Make Great Christmas Memories!

Magic of Christmas Ticket

Jesus is the reason for the season ticket

Christmas tree no text so you can hand write a message of your own.

Only the best parents, grandparents, friends or relatives would consider doing this for the little ones to make a magical Christmas evening they are sure to remember for a life time to come. I am thinking of making this a New Tradition. Though the idea I heard was one of bedtime surprise, I wouldn't be able to wait that late so I made my own idea stemming from that one.
While one parson makes bags of popcorn or adds Christmas cookies to baggies and fills travel cups with warm cocoa or warm apple cider and places them in the car, don't forget to have Christmas music or the story of Jesus for children to listen to!.

When the kids are unsuspecting place a box or decorated envelope on the kitchen table. This would be a fun elf project as well, he could be a little messenger from Santa. When one of them discovers it act surprised and tell them you need them to help with opening the unusual package or envelope. They will find a magic ticket hidden inside with promises of Christmas blessings and adventure. The kids are instructed to grab their slippers, jackets and mittens and head for the car. Upon entrance to The Mobile Christmas Express, the other person hole punches the ticket or simply says ticket please, and you take them on a travel adventure around the city or country side looking at all the beautiful lights. Listening to Christmas music or the story of Jesus and sipping on you warm chocolate or warm cider. I think my grand kiddos would love this too. A special evening to remember that's for sure.

I made a few ticket ideas you are free to use. I made these myself so feel free to use them to any capacity you wish! I will probably redo them when I print them. I am thinking of using a hole punch & threading a ribbon through for them just embellish and further decorate them.

To print them simply save them to your computer by putting your mouse over the image & right clicking. Now when the menu comes up click save as then save it to your computer and then open your picture and print it. You can print it on thicker paper or card stock paper just to make it a little more fun. Be creative & watch those little faces light up. The wonders of Christmas are in those little eyes. I will hold my babies & grand babies a little tighter this year for I am so very thankful they are here!
Let me know what you think? Don't forget to rate my post so I know which ones you like the most. Thanks and have a magical day everyone!