Free @ One of my Fav Stores Oil & Vinegar

When you hear the word Vinegar, if you thought of dill pickles first, then you are not alone! When I read the name Oil & Vinegar so did I! Visions of a store full of pickles jumped into my head! Let me tell you, I could not be further off! I spotted this store when I went to one of my favorite little spots that has a weekly Farmer's Market in the summer. I went in to check it out & fell right in love with this place! If you ever get the chance check them out, you will not be disappointed! I love all the wonderful recipe ideas on their website. Just click below to go browse all of the deliciousness! My favorite Vinegar is the Apple, Elderflower & Lime! This makes the best Homemade Olive Oil & Vinegar vinaigrette I have ever had! 

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