Tips for Growing Rosemary

Rosemary Herb Growing Tips

  1. Choose a good spot to plant your Rosemary. A great tip for a good spot to plant is a spot that has some coverage from wind as well as protection from the cold during the cold winter months. As long as you live in zones 6-10, you can grow your rosemary outdoors year round. Rosemary is a perennial & will come back for a few years if it is well cared for. Other colder zones may have to move plants indoors to get it to over winter.
  2. Rosemary likes certain soil types. Well drained soil, a PH of between 6 & 7 is preferable for growing Rosemary.
  3. Be patient and you will see results. My new rosemary plants do not grow as much in the first year as I would like but by the second year, they grow a lot more & I am very impressed with my second year growth as compared to my first year's growth. Don't be to disappointed with your rosemary plants the first year. Be patient & hang in there. They do grow more in the second year.
  4. Add a slow-release fertilizer when you plant & once again in the spring to help your plants to thrive.
  5. Rosemary is pretty hardy although white flies, snails, spider mites, and mealybugs can be pests to your plants—so can powdery mildew and root rot in more humid areas. To prevent mildew and rot, be sure your plants have good drainage and good air circulation. There are some really great all natural pests controls you can use if you experience any of the pests named above.I myself find that my Rosemary is one of the most hardy herb plants in my herb garden.
  6. Rosemary can be harvested & used at any time. I have harvested Rosemary just this last week in January 2018. I know its seems crazy to have fresh Rosemary in January but none the less I cut some & used it fresh for dinner. This is one of the main reasons I love growing fresh Rosemary in my herb garden.
  7. Mulch can help retain moister. I like to mulch in the Spring when everything begins to grow back.

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